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Our Vision

HAE NOW stands for
      Animals &
            Environment ... NOW!
Every business needs to be profitable.
However, we believe that ethics and social responsibility
should not be forsaken for profits but seen as a roadmap to lasting success.
We endorse human and worker rights. We work to preserve the
environment and protect the animals that share our fragile planet.
Therefore, we chose a name we can always turn to for inspiration:
'HAE NOW' is a reminder to put Humans, Animals and Environment first!
Organic Cotton Boll Ready for Harvesting
Organic Cotton Boll Ready for Harvesting
"When one tugs at a single thing in nature he
finds it attached to the rest of the world."
John Muir
Our Environmental Commitment
As a certified green business, we continually look for ways to lower our carbon footprint. Some of the practices that reflect our green values are:
  • It's not just a 'line'! Rather than offer an organic 'line' alongside conventional products, we are committed to ensuring that 100% of our products are sustainably produced with certified organic cotton. Grown on organic and bio-dynamic farms that use crop-rotation, hand-farming and botanical pest control, our entire production uses low-impact processing and eco-friendly dyeing that helps reduce water and electric use and toxic runoff. We use non-chlorine bleach, silicon-free softeners and low impact, azo-free dyes that do not create a hazard to human and animal health and the environment.
  • We purchase carbon offsets from Native Energy Inc. to offset the environmental impact resulting from our warehouse operations, employee commutes and inbound ocean shipping. We also offer our customers the option to purchase carbon offsets on outbound shipping to them. Replacing our energy from fossil fuels with clean, renewable sources helps us all take part in the fight against global warming.
  • We use minimal packaging and reuse most of our packing materials and corrugated boxes whenever possible. We are currently able to reuse or recycle 80-85% of materials to minimize the trash we generate.
  • We continue to go paperless as much as possible by using electronic invoicing and online systems for ordering and processing and shipping systems. We do not conduct mass mailings. We use online sales tools, and catalogs are only mailed upon request. In our office, we utilize minimal printing with remote accounting systems, digital faxing and emailing. The paper we do buy is 100% recycled 100% PCC.
  • Our warehouse is energy efficient, has all fluorescent lighting, power-stripped electronics and water conserving fixtures. We use reusable and eco-friendly supplies and stationary, and natural biodegradable cleaning products.
  • In order to transport our products from our mill in India to our warehouse in CA, USA, we are glad to predominantly use the most eco-friendly mode of transportation: the ocean-liner. According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol developed by the World Resource Institute, ocean transportation has the lowest eco impact with carbon emissions of approx. 15% of road, and less than 1% of air transportation. Since routes are usually developed in existing waters, developing and maintaining a waterway draws much less on our earth's resources. The shipping industry is also subject to some of the strictest international regulations on pollution, and modern ships are increasingly required to adhere to high environmental standards.