Our Fabrics

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  • Pique Knit: Characterized by parallel cords, this textured surface has tiny grooves that give the fabric an attractive 3-dimensional quality. Pique is considered a standard knit for higher quality polo style shirts. Printable with a heavier ink, best suited for embroidery.
    Styles: Eldorado Unisex Polo.


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  • Twill: Woven, rather than knit, twill fabric has a pleasing pattern of parallel ribs running diagonally. This durable fabric feels strong and tends to hold its shape. For our totes and aprons we chose the slightly more expensive twill over canvas as it drapes better, is softer, pliable and less prone to wrinkles and soiling. Takes printing well, may need heavier inks and longer curing.
    Styles: Napa Apron, Tuscany Long Apron, Sonoma Bistro Apron, Harvest Large Tote, & Deli Small Tote.


  • Sheeting: A plain weave fabric often used in bed linen, sheeting is a heavier and coarser type of muslin. Its firm, closely woven yarn is durable, yet light-weight and breathable. We use washed, unbleached sheeting for our basic low cost tote and produce bags. The flat and smooth surface takes well to printing. After wash this fabric will retain a crushed look if not ironed.
    Styles: Market Large Tote & Farm Stand Bags.