Wholesale FAQs

How do I get samples/color swatches?

After you have registered (approval required) you may order samples at wholesale prices. Color swatches are available free upon request. Please submit your order by clicking on ‘Order Online’ from our wholesale section.

 Do I have to get the same size for case pricing?

Our wholesale pricing is based on total quantity of a style in one color. You can order any size distribution to get the quantity break.

 Do I have to order in dozens per size?

Many wholesale companies require you to order in dozens per size or pay higher prices. We do not require it, but if possible please consider ordering in multiples of 12 per size. Unbroken stacks of dozens are neater and ship out quicker. They will be easier for you to count, track and inventory. Most printers are best set up for print-runs in dozens.

 Can you mail me your catalog?

We are primarily focused on being an online resource. There is a printable version of our catalog on our website. You may also request one to be mailed to you. We do not maintain mailing lists and have chosen to not conduct mass mailings.

 Can all your blanks be embellished?

Yes, all our products are printable and may be embroidered.

 Can I dye your shirts?

We do not use optical brighteners. Our white and natural shirts are sewn with cotton thread. However, please conduct a sample run for your own satisfaction. We do not guarantee a color match in your dyeing process.

 Why do some of your baby items say: ‘Not intended for sleepwear’?

US law requires all infant sleepwear to be fire-resistant. However, certified organic products cannot be treated with chemicals, including the toxic flame-retardants that make apparel fire-resistant. We are therefore required to state that these baby products do not comply with sleepwear requirements.

 Do you drop-ship?

We are currently working to offer this service, please contact us to be updated.

 Is your sizing pretty standard?

Since the expectation of ‘standard’ varies widely, please take a moment to check out our size charts or order samples for your own judgment.

 Should I expect shrinkage?

100% cotton products do shrink a bit. Some people feel that organic cotton tends to shrink more. This may be true; organic fiber being stronger and more resilient than chemically-treated cotton is able to ‘curl back’ better than weakened fibers. Our single jersey fabric goes through a process called wet-compacting to minimize shrinkage. Our baby-rib fabric goes through a compressive heat shrinking process on a stenter machine prior to fabrication. On the finished garment, generally you can expect 3-6% shrinkage length-wise. Since shrinkage mainly occurs in length, not in the width, you do not need to ‘size up’. For custom orders we are able to offer pre-shrinking at an additional cost.

Shrinkage on purchased garments can be minimized by reducing washer and dryer temperatures and cycle time. The longer and hotter the cycles, the more the shrinkage. Hang-drying when damp will allow your tees to stretch back out.