About Us

Our office and warehouse is located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area. In business since 2007, we are a small CA company that caters largely to the wholesale blanks market. 100% of our products are sustainably produced, and we continually look for ways to lower our carbon footprint. We purchase carbon offsets from Native Energy, use minimal packaging and reuse or recycle 80-85% of packing materials. We continue to go paperless, buy reusable and eco-friendly supplies and stationary. Biking to work is encouraged at our dog friendly, casual workplace. Stop by and check out our warehouse outlet sale!


Our products

Our cotton is grown on organic and bio-dynamic farms that use crop-rotation, hand-farming and botanical pest control. The entire production uses low-impact processing that helps reduce water, electric use and toxic runoff. Our dye unit runs on biomass energy from rice hull and uses non-chlorine bleach, silicon-free softeners and low impact, azo-free dyes that do not create a hazard to humans, animals and the environment. Our mill follows eco-friendly practices to conserve energy and reduce waste. Fabric scraps are recycled into paper and recycled water is used for landscaping. We believe durability is a measure of environmental friendliness, our high quality features are visible in every shirt.

Please recommend our products to your local stores, screen printers and businesses that use logoed t-shirts! When you choose to buy fair trade and organic you make a positive impact on people and our planet. We can all avoid the social, health and economic cost of producing, selling and disposing of cheaply made, toxin laden sweatshop products.