Why Choose Organic?

What makes a t-shirt organic?

Our apparel adheres to organic standards for cotton growing as well as manufacturing. This means the cotton is GMO free, grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and chemical defoliants. The processing is eco-friendly, uses less resources and is free of heavy metal dyes and harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach and formaldehyde. The end product is a sustainable, comfortable shirt that did not pollute the planet and is safe for you to wear!

Who benefits when I support organic?

  • Farmers and rural communities: Organic practices are safe for farm workers and their families. Farmers are often land owners and organic premiums are invested in local communities. Conventional farmers on the other hand resort to stronger and stronger pesticides and herbicides as pests and weeds develop resistance (google ‘superweeds’). They are often forced to abandon their livelihood when faced with devastated fields, contaminated water wells and mounting debt.

  • Our planet: Organic farming practices are regenerative. Crop rotation and manual cultivation maintain healthy soil, use less fossil fuels and sequester carbon dioxide, helping combat global warming.

  • Wildlife: Birds and animals are spared poisonous pesticides and toxic chemicals in soil, air and water. Conventional farming can create a hostile environment for wildlife and devastate entire eco systems.
  • You, the consumer: Try it, organic cotton will just feel better for your body, mind and soul! People with chemical sensitivity especially benefit from organic cotton as conventional cotton may retain harmful toxic residues and is often treated with toxic finishes.